Bible 805 Academy

Bible805 Academy

Here you'll find courses to help you know, trust, and apply the Bible. The overall emphasis of the Academy is to teach the value of reading the whole Bible in Chronological, Historical Order.

There are also numerous foundational lessons on the trustworthiness of the Bible, why this is a beneficial way to read it, and seasonal or topical studies of value.

In addition to the primary teaching in the videos, also included are audio downloads of the lecture, transcripts, notes for the classes, journal pages, and discussion questions.

The courses can be taken by individuals or used to teach Bible classes and small groups.

All of the materials in the Bible805 Academy are available for ONE All-Access Price. This gives you permission to not only take the courses, but to download, make copies of materials, and share with your small groups or Bible Classes.

Materials included with the lessons

This can vary somewhat, but in most of the the lessons, the following materials are included. You have permission to download and show the videos and for the printed materials to make as many copies as you want and to put them into notebooks for small groups or classes you teach.

Videos for Bible805 Lessons
Videos & Audio Files

Each lesson or course will have one or more Videos and Audio. These can be viewed or listened to on any device (phone, tablet, laptop) and they can be projected for a larger group.

Transcript for Bible805 Lessons

Transcripts of the content of the videos can be downloaded and used for notes, or to follow along, to review, or share.

Notes Outline for Bible805
Notes Outline

This PDF has blank spaces under each header for you, your students, or group to use to take notes as you watch or listen to the materials.

Discussion Questions for Reading through Your Bible
Discussion Questions

You can use these questions in several ways: as personal journal or study questions, as discussion questions for a small group or class, or as a preparation sheet for teaching the content of the video.

Through the Bible in Chronological Order Reading Schedules
Through the Bible Reading Schedules

There are three versions of reading schedules you can download.

*Numbered, undated


*Dated and Sundays Marked for 2021

Journal Pages for Reading through Your Bible
Journal Pages for Reading through Your Bible

To increase your involvement with your readings, here are two versions of downloadable journal pages you can use to go along with your daily readings.

You can either download and print these out for your personal use or for a group or class.

Hi, I'm Yvon Prehn

The Bible805 Academy comes from a lifetime of teaching and writing about my faith in Jesus. The name Bible 805 comes from my belief that the Bible, Jesus, and the Christian faith is as real as the place I live in (area code 805)—Ventura, California. The palm tree image used throughout the site and as my ministry logo here is a picture of a palm tree in my front yard.

If you'd like more information about me and about Bible805 (probably more than you want to read, I do go on and on) go to the About page.

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